Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal at Apex is to eventually move every individual into a group fitness class, but we understand that many clients need to first learn the proper form and cues to train safely. Personal training is best for those just starting out or individuals who prefer or require 1:1 attention.

Cardio is beneficial to the body, but it only improves the cardiovascular system. Our training programs will take your joints through the full range of motion to make sure they are functioning at full capacity while increasing your muscle strength.

Fitness results are directly tied to your level of discipline. If you’re truly committed to both training and nutrition, you’ll likely see results in 2-4 months—but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop training. After your initial cut/transformation period, your body will need to recover, find its new baseline, and enter maintenance mode.

Higher frequency is ideal and will lead to quicker results, but you don’t need to complete strength training outside of your Apex programming. Instead, supplement your training with cardio-focused activities like biking, running, or swimming.

We can’t force you to do anything, but we will remind you that nutrition is an important part of your fitness journey. Our personalized nutrition program takes your current fitness level into account along with your goals, providing advice on portion control, meal planning, and choosing the right foods for you, and more.

Using two small ECG pads (one on your hand and one on your foot), the bioelectrical impedance analyzer (BIA) sends a small current through your body that measures weight and body makeup better than a BMI reading. This quick, easy, and painless analysis provides our coaches with your body’s water, protein, mineral, and fat percentages.

The fitness and nutrition tracking app allows our coaches to stay informed of your progress. Depending on what tools you have, it can connect to your smartwatch, health app, or MyFitnessPal. The app is a convenient place to log your food intake and track your work volume (reps, sets, and weights), providing our coaches with the data needed to make an informed decision about when to scale up weights and which exercises to move to next.

Interested in Apex Performance’s group fitness classes, nutrition planning, or personal training? Fill out this form to get started! Our coaches will be in touch shortly with more information.

Interested in Apex Performance’s group fitness classes, nutrition planning, or personal training? Fill out this form to get started and our coaches will be in touch with more information.