Alex PirleciOwner/Head Coach
Originally from Romania, Alex has been a sports fanatic since an early age.  From a very early age Alex has started with boxing and kickboxing and then Rugby from age 12. His passion for Rugby led him to play professionally with the Buzau Oaks in Romania for five years and to ultimately win the Senior’s National Division championship.  Since 2007, sports performance has been a part of his life and he has worked as a Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach and sports nutritionist.  Alex has helped lead professional athletes from a multitude of sports including Division 1 Soccer and Rugby, to Professional Fighters and the everyday gym warrior to have better, healthier, leaner and more energetic lives.  Alex has had the privilege to learn under industry leaders in the world of Nutrition, Sports Performance and Rehab such as Charles Poliquin, Andre Benoit, Dr Robert Donatelli, Dr John Berrardi and many more.  Alex is very excited to share his nutritional knowledge and coaching experiences gained by working with clients around the globe with you once you step through the APEX Performance doors.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science
  • PN LVL 2 Nutrition Coach Certification
  • SFG1- Kettlebell Coach
  • Metabolic Analytics Coach – Charles Poliquin
  • PPSC – Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification

Areas of Expertise

Alex specializes in Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss Nutrition and Biomechanics. In the training and nutrition field he has worked as high as professional athletes and all the way on the other spectrum with the general person that wants to lose weight and get healthier.

Daniel Moldoveanu
Daniel MoldoveanuPersonal Trainer
My name is Daniel Moldoveanu, I am a fighter and a coach. I started being involved in martial arts in 1999 and since 2002 it has been strictly Kickboxing. I have won the title of National Champion at every age bracket as I was growing up, in all Kickboxing styles and rulesets. I also won international medals under WAKO Federation.

In 2015 I started coaching so I can share the wonderful life that the world of Kickboxing was to me. The athletes I have coached so far have won numerous national titles at multiple age groups and weight brackets.

Among my students you can find people from all walks of life not just kids or athletes. I am an engineer myself and many of my peers have joined my training. I can tell you that no matter if you`re a child, engineer, teacher, firefighter, nurse or you just want to better yourself, I can help you do that!

Feliks Čobanović
Feliks ČobanovićPersonal Trainer
Feliks is a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA and received his accreditation through NCCPT. Originating from Bosnia & Herzegovina, he’s played soccer for as long as he can remember. After moving to America, some 20 years ago, he took an interest in other sports, including lacrosse and football. Having gone through the Apex training and nutrition program himself, Feliks knows what it takes to achieve desired results. He enjoys working with clients and helping them attain their fitness goals to lead a better, healthier, more active lifestyle. Outside of the gym, you can find Feliks doing all sorts of activities, from hiking to flying his drone, playing sports, spending time on the lake, and traveling.
Florin Serban
Florin SerbanPersonal Trainer
Andrei Capatana
Andrei CapatanaPersonal Trainer
Andrei is a passionate certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor from Bucharest,Romania who uses a combination of HIIT, metabolic training and some of the best muscular hypertrophy methods with his clients. Started swimming at the age of 5 and since then got involved with soccer,basketball, track and field and ended up in the gym enjoying Fitness and bodybuilding at the age of 18. Since 2012, he’s been helping the general person as well as professional athletes (mostly swimmers) to reach new levels of fitness and get better results with their training.


  • Fitness Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • TRX Trainer
  • Sports and Exercise Nutrition
  • Strength and Conditioning (curently enrolled)

You can see more of him at or check out his Instagram

Do you want to lose weight? Come Join us!

Do you want to lose weight? Come Join us!

“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



The best personal trainer I’ve ever worked with


Alex Pirleci, changing lives… He is the best!


Alex thought me how to be focused on my work out in order to reach my goals. I loved it because now everything is part of my daily routine. Thank you


Alex is a phenomenal health coach/trainer…his wealth of knowledge and experience coupled with his easy going communication style make him an excellent choice for beginners and advanced alike.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Achieve your weight loss and performance goals!